Flexographic Printing Blog by Luminite Products Corp

Flexographic Printing Blog by Luminite Products Corp

Flexo Printing Defects Diagnostic Chart & Troubleshooting Guide

There’s an equation for printing success. Too much press downtime while troubleshooting defects isn’t a part of it. Wasted time is wasted money.

This diagnostic chart helps you quickly hone in on...

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10 Common Causes of Print Misregistration in Flexographic Printing

Print registration is the precise alignment of your ink combinations on the substrate. Misregistration by the tiniest fraction of an inch can completely skew your print.

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The Proper Maintenance of Flexo Sleeves

Flexographic printing products can be a significant capital investment. You need that investment to last.

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Beginner's Guide to Flexo Printing Ink Transfer

Flexographic printing is designed for printing text and graphics onto a range of substrates, such as paper, laminates, film, and foils. It’s one of the most popular printing methods, especially if...

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Flexo Printing: Ink Transfer

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