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Flexo Printing Defects Diagnostic Chart & Troubleshooting Guide

There’s an equation for printing success. Too much press downtime while troubleshooting defects isn’t a part of it. Wasted time is wasted money.

This diagnostic chart helps you quickly hone in on your flexo printing defects and their likely...

10 Common Causes of Print Misregistration in Flexographic Printing

Print registration is the precise alignment of your ink combinations on the substrate. Misregistration by the tiniest fraction of an inch can completely skew your print.

The Proper Maintenance of Flexo Sleeves

Flexographic printing products can be a significant capital investment. You need that investment to last.

In-The-Round Flexographic Printing Sleeves at FTA Fall Conference 2017

Flexographic printing sleeves manufactured In-The-Round (ITR) allow for a seamless, continuous print on a variety of substrates.

FTA 2017: Breaking Down Flexographic Printing Processes

We’re eagerly awaiting the annual Flexographic Technical Association Fall Conference, Oct. 9-11 in St. Louis. In an earlier post, we detailed the schedule our reps will follow as hundreds of flexo printing professionals come together to network and...

Flexographic Printing Processes to be Highlighted at FTA 2017

The annual Flexographic Technical Association Fall Conference will be quickly upon us. Slated for Oct. 9-11 in St. Louis, FTA 2017 will give hundreds in the realm of flexographic printing services numerous educational and networking opportunities.

Common Adhesive Printing Applications

Adhesive printing has many applications. You’ll often find examples sitting on the shelves of your local supermarket or drugstore.

Elastomer Blend vs. Photopolymer Choices in Flexo Printing

Along your path to flexographic printing perfection you’ll have a choice between elastomer blend sleeves and photopolymer. Get it right and you’re sure to reap the financial benefits of return customers and repeat sales.

4 Types of Flexographic Inks & When to Use Them

There’s a science behind your choice of ink. Different flexo printing inks are crafted to work best with varying image carriers and substrates.

Elastomer Blend Sleeves Eliminate Plate Issues In Flexo Printing

Looking to stop the excess costs from issues like plate lift, mounting problems, or ink incompatibility when printing? Try an elastomer blend sleeve for your flexographic printing needs.

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Flexo Printing: Ink Transfer

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