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Luminite Culture: A Career – & Family – in the Printing Industry

Posted by Luminite on May 4, 2023 9:15:03 AM

Luminite has almost a century of rich history and relationships in the flexographic printing industry. The company offers careers in the printing industry at a facility that incorporates family values. 

Our employees are important to us, and we know your family is important to you. We work hard to create a rewarding and close-knit environment to make work feel like an extended family of sorts. When we take a look at company culture, we can see those themes carry through. Have questions that aren’t answered here? Send us a message


How Luminite Fosters a Positive Culture in the Printing Industry

careers in printing industryWhen it comes to the work environment, Luminite knows what’s important. We integrate values into daily activities and reward our employees for working hard. We offer regular events and activities to give our employees something to look forward to:

  • Soup cookoffs
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Super Bowl party 

We also work hard to find people who fit the team. We encourage collaboration and teamwork so everyone has a voice. Our staff, from our graphics team and our sales and customer service team to the production staff, learn the importance teamwork to facilitate success. 

With almost 100 years under our tool belts, we also offer something not all startups can – job security. Our established relationships with customers mean we know we will have enough work. Now we just need you to help get the job done! 


Friendly Competition

We understand the importance of communication and team-building. We include fun activities that get our employees working in teams. For example, our Christmas party for 2022 included a competition to see which group could complete a jigsaw puzzle first. 

Games and challenges are part of many holiday festivities. We also held a Super Bowl party and included some competition to liven up the festivities. careers in printing industry

Challenges promote partnerships and reliance on your co-workers. Therefore, we like to change up the activities to keep people thinking even as they enjoy time away from their workstations. 

In the winter months of Bradford, Pa., Luminite focuses on morale-building activities, like our soup cook-off and Super Bowl festivities.

careers in printing industry

Employee Collaboration Means Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Luminite family is a cohesive group that works together to make the customer relationship feel like family, too. We know the flexographic printing world, and we’re happy to provide assistance for customers who hit a snag while optimizing their production runs. Our company values line up perfectly with our customer satisfaction goals – and we hope to keep that culture in place for another 100 years. 




Careers in the Printing Industry | Luminite Reinforces Excellence

Luminite employees can be confident in the strength of their working relationships and the success of their collaborative efforts. If you are considering a career with Luminite, check out the available positions. 

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