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Flexographic Printing Blog by Luminite Products Corp

Luminite Products Corp acquires European patent for Load-N-Lok technology

January 06, 2015


Luminite Products Corporation, a digital direct, laser engraved, sleeve and covered cylinder supplier to the flexographic printing industry, announces the acquisition of viagra express the European patent for their “air sleeve” system that does not require an air mandrel. (European patent #2398646 and US patent #8,307,764)

The Load-N-Lok system allows the press operator to introduce air directly to the sleeve itself for ease of installation and positioning. Benefits include faster set up times, ease of registration, less scrap on the front end, and reduced cost, as the sleeve does not have to be the same length as the mandrel.

Luminite Products also supplies non engraved precision ground seamless elastomer sleeves and cylinders, as well as laser engraved elastomer and polymer plates. Since 1926, Luminite has been supplying customers with a product engineered to their exact specifications.

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