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6 Practical Uses for Wide Web Flexo Printing

Posted by Luminite on Apr 14, 2021 3:18:22 PM

wide web flexo printing

Wide web flexo printing is a popular choice when you’re looking for speed. Additionally, many printers opt to print wide web when they are printing on a large substrate or have an otherwise unconventional application.

We wanted to take a closer look at the common applications we see our customers using wide web printing for, and explore the benefits of doing so.

6 Applications for Wide Web Printing:

Flexo is a popular method of commercial printing for a reason. But, did you know that there are some unconventional products that can be printed wide web?

Here are 6 common, and maybe a few uncommon, applications that our customers use wide web flexo printing for:

  1. Food packaging
  2. Self-adhesive labels and decals
  3. Pool liners
  4. Home or business wallpapers
  5. Paper towels or other consumer goods (such as wrapping paper & gift wrap)
  6. Corrugated

Not seeing an application here that you would like to use flexo for? Potentially, your print job requires narrow web printing instead.

  • Food Packing

The wide web flexo printing machine is ideal for food packaging. That is because the business can use non-toxic water-based inks to print on packages. As such, the contents of the package remain safe without a possibility of ink poisoning

Additionally, the ink dries very fast, which makes it ideal in the fast-moving food packing industry. Wide web is an ideal application for printing food containers such as bags and pouches due to the ability to process flexible packaging that is later cut into smaller final packaging.

  • Self-Adhesive Labels and Decals

Labels are an important part of any company. These labels can be placed on large products or even on business premises to showcase or highlight anything the owner wants. For instance, the wide web flexo printing machine is fully capable of making high-quality floor tile decals. 

These decals can be used to convey a wide range of information from directions to advertising. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers can use social distancing floor decals to help customers know where they should stand while queuing to be served. 

Other examples of self-adhesive labels include:

  • Car wraps to denote branding on vehicles
  • Window wrap signage for temporary or seasonal business use 
  • Holiday decorating in large commercial spaces

One of the advantages of opting for flexo printing for these adhesive applications is that flexo image carriers can not only lay down ink for traditional printing, but can be used for laying adhesive. When working with a flexo supplier that can provide materials for both, you save yourself time and headache ensuring everything is registered and working together properly. 

  • Pool Liners 

Swimming pool liners definitely fall under the category of a large substrate printing application, making it ideal for wide web.

Additionally, wide web flexo printing is ideal because after the printing process is done, the ink can be cured using strong UV light, making the detail of the print waterproof. 

  • Home or Business Wallpapers and Decals

Similar to swimming pool liners, when printing wallpaper you want to opt for as seamless of a print on the large substrate as possible. 

When printing flexo, you have the option of an elastomer continuous print sleeve to eliminate plate break.

  • Paper Towels and Consumer Goods

Paper towels are ideal for wide web not only because of their size, but due to the nature of the images being produced on the final product. Wide web, while not able to achieve immense detail in images, is fantastic for paper towel applications where the images are non-complex. This allows companies to achieve the efficiency and speed of wide web, while still achieving specialty graphics (think snowmen around Christmas) on their paper towels.

Additionally, this makes wide web a great choice for other consumer goods such as:

  • Wrapping paper and gift wrap
  • Garbage bags
  • Freezer and sandwich baggies 
  • Laundry bags
  • Paper napkins and plates

Flexo wide web printing is a best fit solution for corrugated and liner board applications due to the precision of the process eliminating any risk of crushing the corrugated flutes.

Corrugated materials tend to be recycled, and therefore abrasive on your flexo image carrier. The durability of elastomer sleeves outlasts that of photopolymer plates, saving you costly frequent image carrier replacement.

Finding a Wide Web Flexo Printing Materials Supplier for You

When printing any of the above products, you want to make sure your materials and products are top quality. 

When working with a supplier, it’s important to make sure that they check the following boxes:

  • Fine line weights to 0.001″
  • Precise stepping and repeats
  • Accurate front to back registration
  • Up to 112.000″ engraving width
  • Engraved sleeves and cylinders up  to 61.842″ repeat/non-engraved up to 77.911″ repeat
  • Ability to rework sleeves for cost savings
  • Sleeves are easy to handle, store, and load on your press

Luminite has 95 years of experience in the commercial printing industry, and has seen the rise and fall of many methods and applications. Our technical support team is here to help you optimize your printing process, no matter what your project. 

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